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la semana del 27 de septiembre al 30 de septiembre

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This week is a short one due to conferences.  However we would only have class el martes y el jueves de cualquier forma.

Remember, el martes (TUESDAY) tenemos el examen de capítulo 1!  You should all have a study packet.  Feel free to stop in and see me if you have any questions about it or the exam.

la tarea (homework) para el jueves:  flashcards for chapter 2.  Remember, you can use an online flashcard program, write out the vocabulary in a list format, or make flashcards.  It's your choice.

In class el jueves (Thursday) here is the plan:

1) repaso de flashcards cap. 2
2) video de cap. 2
3) lectura con preguntas del video
4) ESTAR -emociones
5) que tal si, por que no (pg. 37 parte 10 old book)
6) vocabulario con libros
7) puntos de hablar

HOMEWORK para el martes (Tuesday, October 5th) 
10 y 11 WB

la semana del 20 de septiembre al 24 del septiembre

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This week we have class el lunes, el miércoles, y el viernes.

El lunes, 20 de septiembre:
The workbook pages 1-6 are due this day.  We will review them in class.

In class on the 20th, we will review the concepts of -ar, -er, and -ir verbs.  Also, we will review verbs that end in -GO in the yo form as well as irregular verbs like SER, ESTAR, and IR.   We will move on to adjectives and how they work.  As well, we will cover GUSTAR and the concepts of ir + a + infinitive.

Here are some websites to help review the concepts.
present tense verbs
verbs that end in GO in the yo form
IR + A + Infinitive
adjectives in Spanish

The homework will be pages 7-9 in the workbook.

El miércoles, 22 de septiembre:

We will review pages 7-9 in the workbook, review nationalities and where the countries in Latin America are located, review present tense verbs, adjectives, gustar, and ir + a + infintive.  Also, we will do a reading on pen pals.

Homework will be page 28 in the old textbook, or 32 in the new textbook.  Either book you have, it is the page before the review page.

El viernes, 24 de septiembre

We will go over the homework, the review page.

Then we will play jeopardía covering the concepts of chapter one.
Students will receive a study packet including an old exam that they can use as a practice exam. 

Interactive map sites for the Caribbean, Central and South America

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Here is an interactive map site to help learn the Caribbean and Central America.  Here's another for South America.

la semana del 13 de septiembre al 17 de septiembre

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For martes, el 14 de septiembre, students need to have the alphabet fully memorized and will be having a quiz on numbers 1-1000.  During class on Tuesday, we will start chapter one in Ven Conmigo learning about Spain, specifically Andalucía, watching a video about Spain and learning the vocabulary associated with the chapter.  

Homework is to make flashcards of the chapter one vocabulary found on the last page of chapter one.  

OJO!!!    Students may use an online flashcard program if they would like.  Here is a link that has 10 free online flashcard programs.

For jueves, el 16 de septiembre, we will check to make sure students have made their flashcards.  We'll start off with defining the vocabulary in Spanish and practicing our listening comprehension of those descriptions.  Then we will review present tense 
-ar, -er, and -ir verbs.  Here are some interactive website reviews of those.

Homework is pages 1-3 in the workbook.

la semana del 7 al 10 de septiembre

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Nosotros tenemos clase el 8 y el 10 de septiembre.
Para el 8 tenemos una prueba de los números de 1-100.  Aquí pueden practicar sus números en español.

No tenemos clase el 10 porque hay un picnic para los estudiantes de séptimo y octavo grado. 

Pero para el 14 de septiembre, tenemos una prueba de los números de 100-1000 y tenemos una prueba del alfabeto MEMORIZADO!!

Aquí pueden practicar los números de 100-1000.
Aquí pueden practicar el alfabeto.

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