Lesson #11 - Early Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia


Today will be a quick introduction to the civilizations of Japan, Southeast Asia and Korea. We'll stress a few major points, but then we'll give you a chance to get into more detail in our "Show and Tell" portion of the class...

I'll bold terms for which I think you are responsible in this brief "outline."



Shinto - early religion - kami

Yamato Emperors

Buddhism accepted by rulers - 700s (mixes with Shinto)
Prince Shotuko (607 CE) - cultural borrowing from China
Heian Period - (794 - 1185)
nobility enjoyed ritual and artistry
Tale of Genji - first novel - Lady Murasaki in 11th century
fuedalism - power of central government weakens
local lords raise private armies
samurai warriors follow Bushido code
Kamakura Shogunate - Minamoto family claims power as shogun in 1192
shogun - similar to military dictator - hold real power over puppet emperor
* pattern will continue until 1868
Kamakura defeat two naval invasions by Kublai Khan - 1274 and 1281

Southeast Asia


influences from India and China

Khmer Empire - peaks about 1200 CE in modern Cambodia
* Angkor Wat - massive temple complex honoring Vishnu

Dai Viet - kingdom forms when Vietnam breaks from China - 939
* heavy influence from China and Buddhism



early influences from China

Silla kingdom defeats rivals to control peninsula - 600s CE
Koryu Dynasty gains control from 935 to 1392
* maintained heavy influences from China and Buddhism
* Mongols invade - demand heavy tribute
Choson Dynasty will take power in 1392 - rule for more than 500 years

"Show and Tell" - I miss the old days of doing this when I was in school, so we've got a more "high-tech" version of it for you. I selected five topics from these two sections. For each, I have identified two web sites. (You might also use others.) Basically, your group will have five minutes in which to share information about one of these following topics.

Your topic will be one of these:

  • Shinto - indigenous religion of Japan
  • The Tale of Genji - the world's first novel
  • The Samurai and the Bushido code
  • Angkor Wat - temple complex in Cambodia
  • Korean Art

Your task: You'll have five minutes to "show and tell." The projector is yours to use. Assume that, rather than taking diligent notes, we'll be watching and listening. Give us a couple major points, but be sure we're getting something to see as well. I'll post the time schedule on the board.

Here are some starting links...

Shinto - Religion & Ethics
Shinto - japan-guide.com

The Tale of Genji - online version with images from UNESCO
The Tale Of Genji - a photographic guide

The Samurai Archives - Japanese History Page
Bushido and the Samurai

Angkor - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Angkor What? - a tourist guide

Korean Art - Metropolitan Museum
Korean Art - Musuem of Fine Arts, Boston

HOMEWORK for tomorrow: Wednesday, April 18th

It is still just reading. For tomorrow, please read Chapter 13, Section 1 ("Charlemagne Unites Germanic Kingdoms").

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