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Hinduism - Day #6

We will wrap up Hinduism today, do some review, and finish with the quiz.

Hinduism in Today's World:

Defining terms: Mahatma Gandhi, harijan, Pakistan, Jawaharlah Nehru, Indira Gandhi, sati

India and Pakistan - Many analysts believe that this is one of the world's hot spots. Here's a BBC look at some of the issues between the two countries.

Here's a 2007 BBC look at the 60th anniversary of independence for both India and Pakistan.

Mohandas Gandhi
- "Mahatma"

Sati- ancient tradition of immolation of the widow upon her husband's funeral pyre. NOTE: This is not an exclusively Hindu practice. It might be more accurate to think of it through its association with rural India, rather than primarily as a religious phenomenon.

Sati: Virtuous Woman Through Self-Sacrifice looks at the controversy surrounding this practice. In particular, consider the case study of Roop Kanwar. DO THIS: Try to understand both sides of the debate over the practice of sati. Be prepared to comment upon the role this ritual played, or may continue to play, in segments of Hindu society.

Finally, we'll take the Hinduism Multiple Choice Quiz. It will be 25 questions. (If you'd like, you can use a sheet with up to 150 words of notes.)

HOMEWORK for Buddhism - Day #6

Your Hinduism Blog Entry is due tomorrow.

The Hinduism Essay Questions will be due on Tuesday, November 22nd. You can find the questions on the "page" to the right side of the blog. You do THREE of them.

Your second Independent Assignment (Measuring It - Pew Research) will be due on Tuesday, February 29th.

You should start reading the Buddhism chapter in Huston Smith's The World's Religions. Ideally, you should try to read pp. 82 - 112 for Monday's class. (If that's too much, get as far as you can and catch up over the weekend...)

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