Buddhism - Day #7

We'll wrap up our look at Buddhism today...

First, I've got a handful of articles looking at Buddhism in a number of countries around the world. We'll have you look at one of them and share some impressions.

Second, we can do any Buddhism review that you would like to do.

Third, we'll have you take the Buddhism Multiple Choice quiz. (You are again welcome to use up to 150 words in notes.)

Fourth, you are welcome to use the remaining time to complete a blog entry or begin work on your Buddhism short essays.

HOMEWORK for next session - Monday, December 5th

Your Hinduism short essay responses and your "Measuring It - Pew Research" Independent Assignment #2 are both now technically past due if I do not have them.

The Buddhism Blog Entry should be made by Monday, December 5th.

The Buddhism Short Essay questions are posted, and they will be due on Friday, December 9th.

If you are bored, start reading in the Judaism chapter from Huston Smith's The World's Religions. We'll start with that next week.

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